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AK Cooper-Elliot was born in Germany and raised in Yorkshire. After graduating from university in the early nineties, Cooper-Elliot perused a high-flying career in Accountancy and Procurement. Retiring early from her executive role, she now creates exciting romantic and crime fiction in her novels.

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born to be


Do you want to have faith which is on fire for knowing and walking daily with Jesus Christ? Are you ready to move from complacency to finding real faith in Christ the King, the Messiah? If so, this book will show you how to live a faith-filled life, which will bring abundant joy and satisfaction as you fulfil your God-given purpose.  

It’s not enough to pray as an afterthought, dust off the Bible when we feel like it and connect with believers every once in a while. God wants us to have a vibrant and active personal relationship with Him. It begins with faith in knowing and believing who He is. Through reading Born To Be King – Real Faith, Real Life With Jesus, you will:


  • Know God is able to carry us through every storm in life
  • Understand faith in the midst of suffering
  • Learn how to avoid “affluenza”
  • Give God the glory He deserves
  • Discover the key to eternity


Let’s get ready to encounter the living God, Son and Holy Spirit like never before. Discussion questions are included for every chapter.

Born To Be King - Real Faith, Real Life With Jesus

Stellar Nebula

A star is born.

The legacy of Allison Templeton-Miller.

A Film Star, Singer and Song Writer.

The battle to overcome success in a world of money and power.

Can she make it out on top?

Or succumb to corruption?


1980, New York, United States

A new decade, a new inception. The Enchanting Wedding of Allison Templeton-Miller and Romano Mancini. A thousand spectators and notable figures all attending outside. A wonderful day had everyone in awe.

However, married life did not come easy for the couple. Uncompromising work schedules fueled with jealousy and obsession.

Would the marriage of fairy tales survive?


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